There is power in neutralizing all the energies in a home or business

If catharsis by clothing isn’t enough, Todd Kurpil, a reiki master and spiritualist can help clear a home of its malingering energies, real or imagined.

Using a combination of techniques culled from practices such as reiki and Native American traditions, Kurpil meditates in a home, then walks twice around the grounds — first with a crystal singing bowl, followed by a brass one — with the aim of clearing the energy. At the end, Kurpil burns sage in the home.

“I aim to neutralize all the energies in a house,” said Kurpil, who charges according to square footage, “so that when a new owner walks into the house, it’s all their own energy. They don’t feel stagnant energy from people who’ve lived there.”

Once everything is set to perfection, the estate manager writes the house manual. The cheat sheet (or binder, really) details where everything is and how it all works.

“There’s a picture of a remote control and what every button does. It shows you where the heater is — that kind of thing,” Varney said.

When the dust and demons are settled, all a new homeowner needs to do is walk in the door, relax on the couch and open the house manual to Page 1.


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