The law of rhythm

From The Universal Playbook

It is like the beautiful summer that turns into the cold hibernating winter or watching the stock market ebb and flow.  Most people get fixated on the problems and try to force things back to the high states they were experiencing. When the rhythm is going from high to low it is important to weather the storm instead of trying to manhandle it because anyone that gets in the way of it will be crushed. Todd Kurpil

Think of a time when you tried to manhandle a storm in your life. When you think about it now what sensations do you feel in your body? What thoughts do you have about this time in your life? Where you able to change it? Comment here if you would like to share it and ask any question about it. Or go to the bottom of this page and click on contact. Send me a message if you want to keep the story private.

I have had many moments in my life where everything was going amazing and then the tides turned. Before knowing how this law worked I tried to force my energy to change it back to the amazing feeling. What occurred is I got more stressed and lost in the process. It happened in relationships I was in. It happened in business ventures I was in. It happened in personal ventures I was in. Not until I realized that the ebb and flow was an absolute force of nature in my life I was crushed by this Law of Rhythm. I now have tools and strategies to use when this occurs and when the lows come it is much easier to navigate through.

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