Todd is a Godsend. I am a proud father of 2 young children. I want more than anything to be a great father and Todd is helping me to do just that. My own childhood experiences were at times dramatic. I found myself having an emotional reaction when perhaps there shouldn't be. Todd has helped me to identify this and work through it. Todd is very competent at what he does and I would recommend him to anyone wanting to become the best version of them self.
Pete A.
Proud father of 2
Todd has an incredible link to energy and energy healing. He has a vast and ever-increasing knowledge of modalities to help the mind, body and spirit awaken and heal. The information through Lifeline Ignite is a fascinating process that allows multiple paths of information to surface. By learning this process the student is able to harness specific knowledge to use on a daily basis in many situations. Todd is a caring and kind healer with the most exceptional professionalism.
Summer C.
Malibu, CA
Todd Kurpil is an awesome healer. When I come to my appointment frazzled and overwhelmed, his grounding presence makes me feel better as soon as I enter the treatment room. He provides spiritual guidance and combines different healing modalities in a very unique and powerful way. I am extremely grateful for the beneficial influence he has on my life.
Camilla D.
TODD KURPIL IS A TRUE GIFT!!! For some reason, I would get sick before anything big was about to happen in my life. Whether it was my high school graduation, my sister’s wedding etc. Nervousness would appear in forms of migraines, fevers, and throat infections. My family would joke around with me that if I couldn’t handle these types of events, how would I be at my own wedding? So of course, when I got engaged, the fear started to creep in that I would have a problem on my big day. I started working with Todd a few months before my wedding, doing meditation. He was amazing and helpful and put my mind, body and spirit at ease. I took everything that he taught me and put it to use during my wedding week and on my wedding day. Thanks to Todd and his guidance, it was the best day of my life. I have since continued to meditate and it has helped keep me more relaxed and not so afraid of confronting big things in my life. Thank you, Todd!!!! Anyone who is blessed to work with you will be a better person for it!!
Noemi G.
Culver City, CA
I started working with Todd 10 years ago and continued to do so until he abandoned the east coast for the west in 2008. Though I had originally signed up for massages, those quickly turned into psychic bodywork as Todd channeled messages my body seemed to deliver to him and which he was intuitively able to read. He would be working with me and then deliver a message or tell me something he sensed with amazing accuracy. That is, I knew that the detail of what he was was picking up was directly related to my life and the circumstances I found myself in. Those messages were very deep and seemed like I wouldn't have been able to get to them in a lifetime. And then I would process that information and it would move through me -- old energy releasing that had been trapped for years. Over time, Todd's work on me helped decrease "cellular memory" and gave space for new things to come in my life. I also had an extraction done by Todd that was one of the most powerful experiences I've ever had. He released the energy of my mother who had died 25 years earlier but which I had held onto with a tight grip. Amazing. One becomes saner with Todd. I recommend him wholeheartedly. And he's a hell of a nice guy.
Steve P.
I warmly recommend Todd Kurpil for individuals suffering from symptoms caused by emotional stress. The patients I send to him experience a true relief after their sessions with him.
Dr. R. Brooks
Todd's humility allows him to lead people to the simplicity of wellness.
Dave Hoekje
Traverse City, MI
It’s interesting how we can attract the people who can help us into our lives just at the right times. One day I said I wanted to learn to meditate due to my “monkey mind” and hectic work schedule that I put myself through. The next day I met Todd Kurpil! I didn’t know that he was going to be what inspired me to actually sit and be still to meditate for a short while but if it weren’t for Todd, I don’t think I would have done the healing work that needed to be done. Weekly I would come in for body work which relaxed me enough to be able to be open for the meditation work he taught me. I actually recorded some of our meditations so I could continue to do the work at home and to this day I use his techniques in my daily practice! He has a unique understanding of many different healing practices as well as a sharp intuition. I am so grateful because now my meditations are my daily saving grace-my me time if you will. I look forward to it every day and I owe it to Todd!
Laura A. - Pilates Instructor
Long Beach, CA
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