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2 Simple Self-Care Questions

Have you ever gone to bed promising yourself to do things differently the next day? Maybe sticking to your diet, or not letting your boss, partner, or kids (you know the drill) get under your skin? Your intentions are sincere, and you feel enthusiastic and hopeful about starting fresh.

The next morning, you wake up feeling empowered and determined to conquer the world. You envision a new life and a new version of yourself. You feel energized, excited, and ready to take on the day. However, how long does it take before you fall back into the familiar behaviors of yesterday and the days before?

Perhaps you didn’t even wake up with those thoughts, or maybe you didn’t even go to bed with the ambition to change. It’s possible that you’ve been living the same old story for so long that you go to bed and wake up the same way as the day before, without even considering or dreaming of change, or giving yourself the much-needed self-care.

Change is hard and uncomfortable

Change can be hard and uncomfortable because it requires one to venture outside their comfort zones, face uncertainty head on and confront their cognitive biases.

If you are challenged by making taking care of yourself, then take a moment and fill out this self-care questionnaire and see where you need to start. Then keep reading because there is a path that can guide you to a better way of living.

Do any of these negatively impact your Self-Care?

Feeling Overwhelmed

People seeking self-care coaches tend to contact one when their daily demands become too much to bear, feeling like their energy reserves have run dry, need help establishing sustainable self-care routines or simply want some advice in creating one themselves.

Lack of Self-Care Skills

self-care coaching

Some individuals may never learn how to care for themselves emotionally, mentally or physically on their own; in such instances they could benefit from seeking assistance from a self-care coach in developing these necessary skills in order to feel better and thrive.

Suffer from low self-esteem

People suffering from low self-esteem often struggle to prioritize their own needs and may feel guilty or selfish taking time for self-care, so a self-care coach can assist them with working through such feelings to value both themselves and their well-being.



Burnout can occur due to chronic stress and overwork. This condition leads to physical and emotional exhaustion, feelings of despair and disengagement from life in general. Working with a self-care coach may help those experiencing burnout develop effective coping mechanisms and renew their energy and zest for living again.

Anxiety & Depression

People living with anxiety and depression may struggle to take proper care of themselves, which makes self-care coaching invaluable in creating a routine which supports mental wellbeing. A self-care coach provides invaluable assistance.


Anxiety Depression

Feeling Disconnected


Individuals experiencing feelings of disconnection between themselves, others or their sense of purpose should seek advice from a self-care coach to find greater meaning in their lives and reconnect.

Major life transitions

Navigating major transitions like career changes, relocation or divorce can be daunting tasks; self-care coaches can assist individuals by developing self-care strategies to reduce stress during these challenging periods of change and facilitate effective transition.

Life transition
Overall, hiring a self-care coach indicates someone recognizes the significance of taking better care of themselves and wants to put their wellbeing first. Here is a list of a few more reasons for seeking one out:

If your self-Care is impacted by any of the above, it's time to hire a self-care coach

If you feel like you’ve exhausted all your options and are at your wit’s end, don’t worry. I can assist you by offering self-care coaching sessions. Together, we can identify the best next steps for you, create a personalized strategy that caters to your self-care needs, keep you accountable to stay on track, and ultimately help you achieve a stable and balanced state.

You’ll have access to all the information and resources you need in one place, like self-care wellbeing on a silver platter. Fill out this self-care questionnaire to get started.

Note: I’m seeking to collaborate with motivated individuals who are committed to showing up fully to our coaching sessions and putting in the work in between our meetings. You don’t need any prior experience with functional self-care tools; you just need to be willing to invest your time and effort.

Meet your Self-Care Coach!

My name is Todd and I’m a self-care coach with certifications in Somatic Emotional Release and Lifeline Technique. 

Over the last three decades, I’ve helped thousands of people help themselves take care of themselves in a higher functional way. The by-product of this work has helped people transform their lives with their  personal, family and professional lifestyle.

If you are serious about self-care, and you need tools and strategies, keep reading to find out what I offer and how you can hire me as your self-care coach!

Read more about me and my work here.

Booking a self-care package you will receive the universal playbook self-care guide

Why this is so important to your caring for yourself

ORGANIZED Self-Care Guide:


This Self-Care Playbook Guide’s aim is to support your journey toward growth, healing and evolution. By giving yourself permission to care for yourself consciously you open yourself up to making some necessary changes that could change dysfunctional habits while unlocking new experiences that help shape who you truly are today.

experience through a soulful lens
If the same outcomes continue to arise in your life, this could be down to viewing experiences through an unchanging lens. By shifting focus onto caring for yourself instead, a whole new view will emerge that allows you to enjoy living life more fully.
A Self-Care exploration
Careful examination of who we are can produce remarkable transformation. Your relationships to yourself and others become stronger as a result, leading you on an evolutionary path as you discover more of who you truly are - all while discovering and developing your purpose here on Earth.
Living your best life through a self-Care transformation
Life operates according to an intricate system of laws that shape how we interact with it, and The Self-Care Guide of the Universal Playbook can assist in understanding these universal principles to nurture yourself. By doing this, it will enable you to recognise yourself within society while breaking from unhealthy patterns that inhibit change; creating long-lasting transformation in all areas of your life.

Tools within The Universal Playbook Self-Care Guide's to Assist in caring for yourself

º Applying Universal Principles to Nurture Yourself

º Guided Decompression Meditations

º Grounding Cord Visualization

º Subconscious Reprogramming Exercise

º Conscious Aptitude Practice

º Morning Shift / Nightly Marinating Habits

º Unlocking the Continuum 

º Flip the Script

º FOR You vs TO You

Transformative personal 50-minute sessions for members

º Individual lessons on Self-Care Tools
º Support to explore yourself and experiences differently
º Guidance to create a better version of yourself and your life

Open Access To Me Via Email

º Ask questions about the Playbook Tools you are implementing
º Any sudden circumstance that arises that you need guidance with
º Accountability check-ins to maintain repetition the Tools


Use Universal Laws Synergistically
The Universal Playbook Self-Care Guide teaches you the basics of using Universal Laws in a conscious and synergistic manner to take care of yourself. When you grasp and implement these laws in your life, you can connect with your true self, which is a soulful being undergoing a human experience.
The PRESENT moment
The Universal Playbook operates through a system known as the Conscious and Subconscious Mind, which synchronizes with your mind and body. By focusing on the present moment and being aware of how you care for yourself, you can utilize various tools to overcome past dysfunctional patterns and adopt healthy habits, leading to a functional and fulfilling life.
Game changer
With the Universal Playbook Self-Care Guide, you gain the knowledge and tools to approach life experiences with a strong, healthy, and present connection. This is a game changer since connecting as a soul to all living things allows you to have the rich, in-depth experiences you were meant to encounter.
My Relationship SERVICES and Rates:

The combination of Self-Care Coaching and The Universal Playbook Self-Care Guide will help you care for yourself better than you could ever imagine - my only question for you is, “ARE YOU READY, ABLE & WILLING TO GIVE YOURSELF THE SELF-CARE THAT YOU DESERVE?”

Yes! I'm ready, able and willing!
No need to book an appointment right away, just complete this free self-care questionnaire to start.
Your well-being is important. Let us help you make it a priority.

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