“Make It” Mentality

In today’s world the pressure to “Make It” is immense. Chasing jobs that pay the most, homes with multiple bedrooms and swimming pools, kids who come in 1st place and dream cars are often how society defines “Making It.”   The prize for “Making It?”:  HAPPINESS.   

The mentality of “Making It” is designed to implant into the psyche that if you don’t acquire what society defines as “Making It, ” you are not enough. Simply put, you are ”less than.”  This process is programmed into your subconscious mind at a very young age.  The feeling of not being enough is learned from everything you see and hear – magazines, billboards, radio, school.  The list is endless, and the feeling gets absorbed completely unconsciously..

What happens next?  What happens when you feel “less than?”  If you can stop and think about it, the answer is simple: believing you’re not enough means you have forgotten who you really are.  It’s an overwhelming statement. It can be unsettling and scary.  Here’s the good news: understanding how you got to this place means you’re ready to change the narrative.  Feeling “enough” is already in you and when you learn to believe this, you HAVE MADE IT.

How do you get there?  This is where the work begins. It can be uncomfortable. It can be hard.  To get there you have to actively examine your inner world so that you can explore the experiences you are having differently. This is the keystone to change, and change starts from within. 

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