Law of Oneness

1997 Experiment

A famous experiment was done in 1997. Scientists took a particle called a photon which is a little packet of light and they split it into two. They had a specialized device where they could fire this split a photon in opposite directions at the same time which made them go miles apart from each other. What they found was whatever they would do to one half of the particle the other half acted like it just had the experience as if they were still connected even though they were physically separate.

This experiment demonstrates scientifically what has been spoken about through indigenous people that even if matter that is physically connected becomes separate from where it was originally, it will always be linked energetically. Think about it like this. The ancient people believed that we are all part of the stars which means we were once all connected. Even though we are now physically separate the 1997 experiment suggest that the energy connecting us remains. The belief of the indigenous people that we are all connected and the scientific experiment showing us how it works helps us understand that we’re all one.

Law of Oneness

There is a Oneness, aka, Divine Intelligence that encompasses all that exists in the universe. This intelligence is in you and all around you. It is what you co-create your reality with.  All Universal Laws are within the Law of Oneness and The Law of Oneness is affected by all the Universal Laws. The statement, The All is in All and All is in the The ALL represents what the Law of Oneness is. Another way of saying this is, everything is within Divine Intelligence, and Divine Intelligence is in everything, inside of each of us. Substitute “The ALL” with God, Source, or Universal Life Force and it means the same thing. 

The Law of Oneness is how the Universe stays in a cohesive state of being. All life everywhere has homeostasis because of this consistent sustainability. From the non-physical to the physical, all is interconnected. Nothing is separate in this universe. Everything is one.

The Universe runs as one synergistic organism through its subconscious mind. Anything in nature– from people, seasons, animals, or the natural environment– operates within the Law of Oneness’ subconscious mind. We can understand this clearer by studying how humans’ function. People have their own individual subconscious minds that interact with the rest of the world. Their minds are part of the major subconscious mind, yet have their own processes of operation. 

A subconscious mind works in a person in two ways. First, it keeps a person alive without thought; the involuntary part of the subconscious which regulates human anatomy. This is the hard drive of the subconscious which is directly plugged into the Law of Oneness’ subconscious that regulates the universe. The second process of a human subconscious mind is their belief system. This is the software of the subconscious mind that is directly plugged into the Law of Oneness’ subconscious as well. This part of the subconscious mind can be altered and reprogrammed if a person desires to do so. One’s belief system creates differences in how a person lives their life compared to another person.

A limited belief system keeps a person in the process of forgetfulness of who they truly are. The limitations keep a person stuck in the same patterns for a lifetime if they do not wake up to how they are thinking, feeling, and behaving. To be unaware that one is living from these limitations means their life is being controlled from their past programming. Being controlled by past programming means the way they experience life is constantly the same. Their reality never changes besides getting older and weaker. 

An unlimited belief system unlocks the ability to remember who you truly are within oneness. To be aware that you are living from this unlimited state of being is to co-create life as the soul that you are with the Divine Intelligence. From that place, you can explore the experiences from a soulful lens which enriches the life that you are living. 

There is an inward playground available to you and one way to use it is by showing up to play. Going inward every day to connect to Oneness is key to strengthening your belief system. When you give yourself permission to show up and play, you are moving in the direction of remembering who you truly are: a soul having a human experience.

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