I am Soul

I am Soul

A human being is a magical creation. Formulated out of nothing into a moving, thinking, energetic force of nature. But is it truly made from nothing? To understand this question, we must answer another question first, what is a human? A human is the best example of what alchemy is. A plethora of cells that come into physical existence functioning as a physical, mental, spiritual being all at the same time.  

In this universe, everything from animate objects to inanimate objects goes from the physical to the non-physical and back again, constantly in motion. This process is how humans are formed. A soul is a non-physical energy that encompasses all of life everywhere. When the soul exists as a non-physical entity it is infused with all life everywhere, yet it is limited in how it can experience. So, a soul forms into a physical human to experience the universe in a different way, and when that physical body dies, the soul goes back into the non-physical.

For the soul to experience all that life has to offer, it must shift itself into physical existence. When the soul transmutes itself into human form this is called alchemy. As the soul materializes from the non-physical to the physical, it turns itself into matter. The soul becomes a dense being that can slow down its energy and explore experiences in tangible ways. This gives the soul the opportunity to have experiences within the universe that it wasn’t able to have in a non-physical form.

By being a physical body with a mental compass plugged in with a spiritual energy, the soul can explore the physical and the non-physical all at the same time. The core of this life we are all living is that we are a soul exploring life in a physical form.  Knowing that you are a soul exploring life in a physical form empowers you to understand that the purpose of exploration of experiences that you have had, are having, and will have are all for the good of the soul that you are. 

The more open you are to being the soul that you are, the more advanced you will become at exploring experiences that you encounter. Your ability to learn, grow, heal, and evolve becomes easier because you know that this is a soul exploration. Everything in your life becomes clear, from why that experience happened when you were little to what new experience the soul wants to have next. 

Think and feel these two statements. I have a soul. I am a soul. “I have a soul” means that you as a human being are separate from all that exists. It makes you have an identity that keeps you from truly knowing who you are. The process of being present within life becomes difficult to maintain. Thinking that you have a soul will lead you to having a mind, a body, a spirit and so forth. Each one of these is separate from the other. 

I am a soul. This is a powerful affirmation! “I am a soul” gives you answers of where you come from and what you are made of. The physical body, mental compass, spiritual energy is created by the alchemy of the soul that transmutes itself from a non-physical being into a physical being. The answers to where do we come from and how we are made becomes understood by knowing I am a soul. 

The Universal Playbook for the Soul gives you the understanding and the tools to help you as a soul explore the experiences that you encounter in your life with a strong, healthy, present connection. This is a game-changer, because connecting as a soul to all life everywhere gives you the full, indepth, rich experience you came here to have. 

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