How do we change a Belief System?

A belief system is changed by going within and using Universal Laws and intellectual gifts with conscious awareness to observe how you think and feel about the different relationships you are having in your life.  Relationships with family, career, finances, friends, how you live, where you live, adventures, traumas and so on can help you understand what is programmed in your belief system. If you find that you are perceiving your experiences with wavering thoughts, which means you’re unsure how you think or feel about the different relationships and experiences in your life, then this is a precise indication that your belief system is limited. This means your state of being is broadcasting a vibrational signal that communicates to the universe that you want more experiences that match this limiting way of life. 

If this is the case, then this is why it is important to go within and get to know how you think and feel about the relationships you are having in your life. Tuning into any relationship that you may be struggling with allows you to consciously observe the limiting beliefs that you have with that relationship. You get to truly listen to what your thoughts are saying about this relationship and feel what emotions it causes your body to react with. This is a gift of understanding so that you can help yourself choose better thoughts and feel better emotions which will program a healthier belief system within you.  

The mental exercise I am about to teach you is called Riding the Continuum where you see a sequence of images on blank canvases in your mind that help you reprogram your belief system, understand what you as a soul want to experience, and draw in that experience with a healthier vibrational signal.  

In your meditation, see an issue you have had or are having on a blank canvas in your mind so that you can witness the thoughts you have about it and feel the pain and discomfort that it causes you to feel.  Observing your thoughts and feelings is your compass to accessing what you as a soul came here to experience. Witnessing the limiting beliefs you are having with an issue gives you the power to change your perception and move your awareness through a continuum of what the soul wants to experience. This issue is a doorway into that experience.

Next, shift your mind onto another blank canvas and observe what the opposite of this issue looks like. You can feel how it would feel to experience this in a vibrant, radiant way. If you are having an issue within a relationship where you are upset and angry then you can see the opposite experience of you being connected and happy with them. You can do this with any issue you have in your life, and there will always be the opposite of how you can experience it. 

Once you have fully felt this opposite experience bring your focus onto a third blank canvas. This image  is the next best step you can take to align yourself with the experience being resolved. Maybe you see yourself having a conversation with the person you have an issue with and being completely aware of watching yourself be with them while you talk. Maybe you see yourself talking to them calmly about something you would like them to understand and see them feeling safe and loved by you. This step may not be what you first expected it to be. However, by repeating this mental exercise on a routine basis you will see how well it alters your life to give you the results that you are seeking. 

It is important to understand that this canvas mental exercise called Riding the Continuum isn’t the only thing the soul wants to experience– the continuum is what’s available to you, but this is what the continuum is moving towards.” This isn’t an exercise to “stop being sad” and “be happy,” it’s an exercise to explore physical life in the space between those two things. By tuning into any experience will help you learn, grow, heal, and evolve into who you truly are. A soulful being having a human experience. 

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