Energetic House Clearing

Is Negative Energy Holding You Back? Discover How
Energetic House Clearings (sage, anyone?)
Can Help You Transform Your home and your life.

Are you facing various obstacles in life (and let’s face it – who isn’t?) and looking for any way possible to feel better? Given all the bad juju of the past few years, it’s safe to bet we are all in the market for a little (or big) pick-me up. Yes, of course you should be mindful of your thoughts, eat heatlhy, exercise, meditate and whatever else might help you chill out and find some peace, but how about putting some loving attention into your living space? 

Clearing out the old, bad, negative energy isn’t fairy dust stuff…it is an ancient practice and for many is a practical – and even essential – part of living their best life. 

One of the oldest and most commonly used methods of cleansing a space is burning sage, an herb in the mint family, known not only for its heavy floral armona but also it’s antibacterial properties. So when burned it is literally cleansing and purifying the air, while also offering a spiritual and energetic reset. 

At Healing Guy, I believe in the transformative potential of Energetic House Clearings. I have been conducting private sage house cleanings, crystal healings and spiritual attunements for clients in upstate NY and Los Angeles for three decades – before it became more trendy and mainstream! I am excited to bring this valuable and sustainable practice to the Kansas City Metro. I would love to be your partner in creating the home and life you deserve through Energetic House Clearings! Trust in the power of energy and let’s clear your space to allow even more of the good stuff to come in. Bad vibes, be gone!

If any of this strikes a chord in you then keep reading to find out how Energetic House Clearing can be of service to you or simply fill out this form to get started…

Negative energy

Boost the Energy in Your Home and Clear
Negativity with Energetic House Clearing

Todd Kurpil is trying to neutralize the energy in a home that’s for sale in Brentwood.(Ivan Kashinsky/For The Times)


You know the incredible boost you feel when you clear out that closet, drawer or storage room shelf? Imagine how great it feels to give your home a clearing, but this time we’re talking about the energy that exists all around us. This is about spiritual hygiene. Just like we take care of our bodies and our skin, we want to attend to our energetic body. It’s like the feeling you get when you light a candle or turn on soft music. It is an intentional shift in the energy of your space, and we can all benefit from it, no matter our circumstances. It is all about the intention. And it is the perfect compliment to your healthy lifestyle. 

As an energetic house clearer based in Kansas City, KS, I have witnessed first-hand how an energetic house clearing can transform homes and the lives of those that live in it.

What Is an Energetic House Clearing?

An energetic house clearing is an ancient practice for clearing and balancing the energy in your home. Based on the idea that all matter is energy, negative energies can accumulate over time in your environment causing stress, illness and lack of harmony – an energetic house clearing can release this negative energy and allow for increased positivity, wellbeing, abundance and joy!

I encourage people to be strategic and intentional if they attmept to sage on their own, and love teaching people how to do this cleansing ritual themselves. I use various techniques to help cleanse and balance the energy in your home, such as smudging with sage, using different crystals, crystal singing bowls and other energetic tools. Until you know exactly what you’re doing, it is helpful to work with someone experienced in the healing method. Let’s give your space a detox. 


Benefits of Energetic House Clearing Services

House Clearing for Negativity:

By conducting an energetic house clearing, one can release negative energies that have built up over time and free out stagnant energies that might be contributing to stress or illness. If you feel drained, stuck, sluggish or overwhelmed in your own home, a clearing may provide exactly the solution to release negative energy and create a more balanced, positive, harmonious living environment. 

Boosting High Vibrational Energy:

Conducting an energetic house clearing can also increase and activate the positive energy that already exists, helping you to take your space to the next level of health and harmony, which creates emotional stability. You work hard to have mental balance and health, don’t let chaotic energy in your home bring you down. 

Create Clarity:

Engaging in an energetic house clearing can help clear away mental clutter and foster clarity, making it easier to focus and be productive. Whether you are working from home, relaxing at home, kids are getting schoolwork done at home, etc. When sage is burned, it releases negative ions, which is linked to putting people into a positive mood. 

Enhancing relationships:

House clearing can create an energetic environment in the home that strengthens relationships between family members, creating a more loving, supportive atmosphere for living together in peace instead of chaos. Burnout is real, let’s burn it away!

Promotion of Health and Well-Being:

It’s called spiritual hygiene! House clearing can promote physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being in various forms. Clean energy can help with sleep, it may allow you to relax more deeply and easily, and work more steadily. Eat, sleep, workout, and sage!

An energetic house clearing can also be of great assistance during difficult times of transition or change, for instance:

Energetic House Clearing for Divorce and Separation:

Divorce, separation or breakups happen and this can be a time that is filled with intense emotion. Energetic clearings can be used as a remedy when we want to remove and alleviate some of the associated negative energy and emotions, creating a fresh start and providing a neutralized living environment which benefits all parties involved.

Realtors! Are you Selling a House?

If you’re an agent trying to sell a house on the market, an energetic house clearing can help clear away any negative or stagnant energy in the home and make it more welcoming for potential buyers – potentially helping it sell faster and for higher price than usual. I have personally performed many clearings on homes that had trouble selling, only to be under contract a week or two after the house was cleared.

Realtors – if the houses are selling like hot cakes then this is a lovely gift to give to the new home owners before they move in as well!

Energy House Clearing for a New Home:

Moving can be both exciting and stressful; an energetic house clearing can help remove any negative or stagnant energies left by previous occupants and offers you a fresh start in your new space. This is a super common time to sage!

Meet your Energetic House Clearer!

Greetings, I am Todd and I specialize in the art of Energetic House Clearing. For three decades, I have had the pleasure of clearing out countless homes, transforming them into functional and healthier living spaces for all the members of the household.

My work involves creating a positive shift in the energy flow of your home, which can be immensely beneficial for your well-being. If you are looking to create a fresh start in your living space and need an experienced hand to guide you through the process, I am here to assist you.

By hiring me as your Energetic House Clearer, you can expect to see positive changes in the atmosphere and energy of your home. Whether you are experiencing a difficult time in your life or simply feel like your home needs a boost, I am here to help.

To learn more about my work and how I can assist you in transforming your home, please visit the link provided below. I look forward to working with you and creating a peaceful, harmonious living space for you and your loved ones.

Read more about me and my work here.

My Energetic House Clearing Rates:

To get started, here is a link to a questionnaire form that will help Todd better understand your situation. The questionnaire form includes questions about your current living situation, any challenges you may be facing, and any specific areas of concern you would like to address through the clearing. Based on the information you provide on the form; Todd will be able to determine the final rate for the clearing.

Once Todd has reviewed the information provided on the questionnaire form, he will contact you to discuss the rate and answer any additional questions you may have. Todd is committed to providing transparent and fair pricing for his services, and he will work with you to ensure that the cost of the clearing is affordable for you. Get started today on creating a more positive and harmonious living space for you and your loved ones.

How booking a clearing actually work:

Step 1

To see if we’re a good fit and to allow me to learn more about you and the energy of your home I’ll need you to complete this short questionnaire. Once you do that, you’ll be added to a waiting list.

Step 2

As soon as a spot opens up, I’ll reach out to schedule a free discovery call. This will be your chance to ask any questions that you may have before you commit to an energetic house clearing.

Step 3

If you decide to book an appointment then we will set up a day and time for me to come to your home to do the energetic house clearing.  

Energetic House Clearing will help you care for your home, the people you share it with and yourself better than you could ever imagine - my only question for you is, “ARE YOU READY, ABLE & WILLING TO GIVE YOUR HOME THE CLEARING IT DESERVES?”

Yes! I'm ready, able and willing!
No need to book an appointment right away, just complete this house clearing questionnaire to start.


If you have any questions about how this works or would like to get a personalized coaching package, send me and email over at todd@healingguy.com. I’d love to hear from you!

If you’re ready to get started the only thing you need to do now is to complete this short questionnaire to join my waiting list. I’ll reach out as soon as a spot opens!

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