Feeling Not Good Enough?

A person is likely to compare things in this universe but in reality, everything is neutral. It is a person that gives meaning to an experience they explore in life. Thoughts make something good or bad. The law of relativity is about how a person perceives any situation. Positive perception leads to more positive experience and vice versa. Comparing oneself to others can make a person feel terrible and stagnant because the comparison makes them feel “not good enough”. This happens when one compares themselves to others about how pretty or ugly they are, richer or poorer, taller or shorter, smarter or dumber, achieving more or less. Applying the law of relativity through objectivity, seeing things as they are instead of subjectively, which can cause mental and emotional stress, is what this law teaches. There are no differences, only in comparison.  

This is the struggle that so many people go through because they aren’t taught how to perceive from a heart point of view, a discerning point of view, which is to look at things objectively. Instead, they’re taught as children, from observing, to perceive any comparison with negligence and judgment, which will produce mental and emotional distress. That distress then becomes the program. When someone with this programming perceives something, they automatically react from that distressed, judgmental point of view.

This limited perception comes from a limiting belief that a person is separate from everything that exists. The illusion of separation resides in the home of forgetfulness. Living in forgetfulness is what keeps a person from remembering who they truly are. 

Meditation is a great time to use the Law of Relativity. Examining and exploring thoughts and emotions you have when comparing something in your life allows you to observe if you’re having any reactions toward what you are comparing. To witness this gives you the power to consciously adjust and change how you connect with it. This gives you the opportunity to witness if there is any pain involved within you. If there is, then you can lean into the pain consciously so that you can begin an exploration of healing yourself. You are not doing this to wallow in your pain but to use it to transform. Avoiding pain causes more pain and it is not something we can pretend isn’t there, we do need to face it when we’re strong. 

Understanding and feeling your struggles helps you to become more aware that you are a soulful being having a human experience. It allows you to listen and hear what the soul wants or is asking for. If you are feeling suppressed, this is an indication that the soul is wanting to explore having a voice. If you are feeling depressed, this is an indication that the soul wants to project and expand. The Law of Relatively helps you see the world from an empathetic heart point of view.

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