Emotional Continuums

What is a continuum?  A continuum is a continuous sequence in which adjacent elements are not perceptually different from each other, although the extremes are quite different. A continuum is something that keeps on going, changing slowly over time like the continuum of the four seasons. As there are element continuums, there are also emotional continuums. All emotional continuums live within a person. For instance, hate to love, fear to confidence, and irritation to calm. 

Knowing there is an opposite feeling available to you to experience when you are in the presence of a painful emotion will make it easier for you to experience the painful emotion in the moment. This allows you to be a conscious observer of the situation you are in and opens the door to being able to process the situation later with a soulful lens. If you are in an argument with your partner and you feel the emotion of anger, you can reprogram to either shift from anger to peacefulness in the moment or later when you have a moment to process. At first, it is much more difficult to do this in the moment. However, if you ride the continuum as a daily practice you will find that in the moment of a reactive conflict that you will be able to shift in that moment. 

How many times a day do you reaffirm the past by validating your identity?  The subconscious programming is designed to go back to its emotional past. Every experience that you have with every person or thing produces an emotion. You’re being affected by the cause of old dysfunctional programming, and the more dysfunctionally reactive you are, the further away you are from living as a soulful being. For instance, a person will use comparison to reaffirm their addiction to jealousy. A person will use worry to reaffirm their addiction to anxiety. A person will use traffic to reaffirm their addiction to anger. These reactive loops are known as a locked continuum.

To live soulfully is to live in the moment. Applying soulful tools to your life like unlocking the continuum helps you fully explore your experience from a present perspective. Being present means you are fully living your life through a healthy exploration of the experiences you are having. Leaning into what you are feeling with a particular issue unlocks the continuum which gives you the ability to move towards the opposite. As you move towards the opposite, you are reprogramming your belief system, like a software update. For example, the moment you start feeling abundant & worthy, you are generating wealth. The moment you feel empowered, you’re stepping towards your success. The moment you start feeling whole, your healing begins. The moment you feel love, you are living in acceptance.

Emotional Continuum Exercise

When you are in your quiet place, meditating, think of a situation that bothers you. What is the primary emotion you feel when you think about that situation? Are you angry, sad, confused, or overwhelmed. Ask yourself: what does that emotion look like? Make it simple by seeing what color and shape it is. Red triangle, purple square, or black squiggly lines. There are so many primary emotions it can be and there are a plethora of combinations of color and shapes it can look like. The important thing here is that you are consciously communicating with what you are feeling with this situation that bothers you. 

Once you have identified the primary emotion and what it looks like ask yourself:Where do I feel this in my body and what does it feel like in my body? You may feel it in your head, heart, stomach, hands, or all over your body. When you identify where it is, feel the temperature and texture of it. Hot and heavy, warm and dull, cold and fragile. Again, there are so many combinations of what this feels like. 

By establishing the primary emotion, what it looks like and what it feels like you then want to fill that area of your body with constant Golden liquid light. See a golden Orb above your head filled with golden liquid light, and envision yourself pouring this light into the crown of your head and guide this light to the area that you are feeling the issue in. Feel this area of your body shift into a healthy stable energy. Then ask yourself: what is the opposite emotion I am moving towards? If you are unsure, take a moment to look it up then go back into your meditation. 

Repeat the instructions above and ask yourself what does this opposite emotion look like? Color and shape? Where do you feel it in your body and what does it feel like in your body? Temperature and texture. Be with this emotion for a moment and let it stabilize within you. You have now unlocked and processed this emotional continuum which has given you a software update within your belief system. You have access to this way of being now and can call upon at any time. By consciously practicing this exercise on the daily, over time your subconscious mind will be reacting with these higher states of emotions automatically. 

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