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Awareness and getting uncomfortable experiment

Let’s do an experiment: Cross your arms the way you naturally cross them. Now cross your arms the other way. How does that feel? Strange, Odd, Weird…

What you are experiencing is cognitive dissonance. It’s your brain saying, “this is not how we do things, go back.”

Our subconscious coding is wired to revert to what’s familiar; it’s an automatic response when we’re not aware.

This is what needs to happen for you to transform your life. You must get comfortable with being uncomfortable. 

We’re all human beings, driving our ‘human vehicles’ every day of our lives. But how do you steer this vehicle? The good news is, we come with built-in programming, our subconscious coding, which lets us navigate the world without thinking about what’s happening inside our bodies. For example, your heart beats without you consciously making it happen.

However, when I ask, ‘How do you drive your human vehicle?’ I’m referring to something deeper. You see, you possess different tools within yourself—your emotions and your thoughts—that can help you learn, heal, grow, and personally evolve as a person. Knowing how to harness these tools is the key to changing the expression of your reality and becoming a skilled ‘driver’ of your human experience.

My mission through consciousness coaching is to guide you in understanding the power of your emotions and thoughts, how to use them to transform your reality, and ultimately become a masterful driver of your own life. If this resonates with you, keep reading.


Think of the expression of your reality as what you experience every day. It’s similar to visiting a website where you can browse, click buttons, and scroll, but you can’t change what’s on that page without a special passcode for the website’s backend. While you may not have access to change external websites, you do have the passcode to access the ‘backend’ of your own human experience. With this passcode, you can modify the coding and transform the expression of your daily reality.

I offer you this passcode to make positive changes in areas of your life that may be dysfunctional, unhealthy, or painful. If you had the ability to do this, would you seize the opportunity?

If you answered ‘yes,’ begin by completing our free self-care questionnaire. It’s your first step toward a complimentary consultation. During this session, we’ll review your questionnaire, address your questions, and determine if we’re a compatible fit for working together. If we are, that’s fantastic; if not, you’ll have gained valuable self-awareness with no obligation to proceed further.

Survival Mode: Limiting Completed Codes Embedded in your Subconscious


Imagine every complete code as a neural pathway that has been mapped out with thoughts. Depending on the completed code, it can be functional to your natural state of being or it can be dysfunctional activating automatic reactions of survival. If the latter is coded in, then suppression of emotion occurs which controls the behavior.  This process makes a person fragmented and disconnected from themselves which makes it difficult to rely on emotions as a trustworthy guidance system. For instance, think of the phrase “Stop crying or I will give you something to cry about.” Such phrases can contribute to a fractured emotional experience that inhibits integrating a healthy thought pattern.   

consciousness coaching

Emotional Wounds

The survival mode begins to form when external triggers in the environment prompt an emotional response. A common example is a child being yelled at or threatened by a parent. In such situations, protective thinking kicks in, leading to the emergence of suppressing the emotion I am feeling because what I am feeling right now is wrong. This generates confusion, mistrust, and rejection of the emotion being felt, ultimately leading to controlling the behavior.

This eventually leads to a program built to survive. The code is written by repetitive thought patterns, which in turn shape beliefs. Over time, these beliefs create emotional wounds. As similar triggers occur repeatedly, these wounds deepen and intensify. In the long run, these emotional wounds might manifest as physical symptoms.

Encumbered by Emotions

Suppression of emotions, whether by others or through traumatic experiences, can make you distrust your own emotional responses. If you don’t trust your emotions, you may feel encumbered by them and find yourself trapped in a cycle of repetitive thoughts based on survival. This thought cycle, when repeated often enough, transforms into a complete code. This code embeds itself within your subconscious mind. When you encounter a situation in your environment that replicates a similar experienced from your past, the code activates and the neural pathways fire automatically, driving protective behaviors. This process is so ingrained that it operates beneath conscious awareness. You unconsciously experience the emotion, activate the belief, and react in a survival-oriented manner.

Anxiety Depression

Unlocking Emotions for Healing

Recognizing the emotional signals you feel can serve as a pathway to accessing the underlying code in your subconscious. Once accessed, this code can be modified. Emotions act as signals that guide you toward the backend where the coding is so you can modify the coding and change the expression of your reality. By embracing and understanding these signals, you can navigate the backend of your repetitive thought programming and bring about transformation.

In summary, understanding the impact of suppressed emotions that control behavior that puts a you in survival mode empowers you to take charge of your overall well-being. Embracing and trusting your emotions, recognizing environmental triggers, and delving into the underlying programming allows you to dismantle the survival mode and unlock a pathway to healing and growth. Your emotions, once understood and harnessed, become your allies on the path toward holistic well-being. Here are a few of many programs that can be transformed by Consciousness Coaching.

Meet your Conscious Coach!

My name is Todd and I’m a consciousness coach with certifications in Somatic Emotional Release and Lifeline Technique. 

Over the last three decades, I’ve helped thousands of people help themselves take care of themselves in a higher functional way. The by-product of this work has helped people transform their lives with their  personal, family and professional lifestyle.

If you are serious about learning how to drive your human vehicle, and you need tools and strategies, keep reading to find out what I offer and how you can hire me as your consciousness coach!

Read more about me and my work here.

What Consciousness Coaching will teach you

Emotional Guidance System

Trust your Feelings
& let them guide you

Ironically, we’re conditioned to repress, reject, manipulate & mistrust our own emotions.

You’re not controlling your emotions bc your emotion has already happened. You are controlling your behavior by suppressing the emotion.

How you feel is always correct! It may not always be pleasant, but it is essential to trust your emotions.

Relearning how to use your emotions is crucial. Everyone can do it. It leads to a more fulfilling and authentic life.

The Code: Websites are written using code
When you go to a website you don't see the code.
What do you see? You see the expression of that code.
What makes the expression of the website is The Code.
The Code is being used to create the website.
Just as the code within you creates your universe.
Your thoughts create your reality
The code, a.k.a. your beliefs are made up from your thoughts. A thought that's thought over and over again eventually becomes a belief. A lot of the beliefs that you currently have now are formed in childhood. You may have codes/beliefs such as: I'm not good enough, I'm unlovable, I'm rejected. This is what Emotional Wounds are.
Healing Emotional Wounds
Our emotional wounds lead us to adopt certain beliefs about ourselves, which in turn shape the reality we experience. We have the power to change our limiting beliefs. Using your feelings to guide you within is the beginning step to healing these wounds. The by-product of healing emotional wounds is it changes your reality in amazing ways.

You will receive Tools and strategies to practice in your daily life. Our objective is for you to be self-sufficient and live your life without needing a consciousness coach.

º  Heart Intelligence Strategies

º Awareness Strategies

º Energetic Space Visualizations

º Reprogramming “The Code” Strategies

º Color Therapy

º Guided Decompression Meditations

º Chakra Balancing 

º Morning Shift / Nightly Marinating Habits


Transformative one-on-One sessions

º Individual lessons on how to drive your human vehicle
º Deep Dive processing to modify your coding in your daily life
º Guidance to create a better version of yourself and your life

Open Access To Me Via Email

º Ask questions about the Tools & Strategies you are implementing
º Any sudden circumstance that arises that you need guidance with
º Accountability check-ins to maintain repetition with the Tools

WHAT MAKES Consciousness Coaching SO HELPFUL?

The Present moment
Consciousness Coaching teaches you how to drive your human vehicle as an expert. When you grasp and implement the tools and strategies in your daily life, you are connecting to the conscious journey of changing the expression of your reality.
Processing after the moment is gone
Initially, processing things in the moment might be challenging. However, if you realize later that you've repeated an old pattern, don't worry; it's never too late to transform. By making a habit of using the tools and strategies whenever you become aware of these patterns, you can easily modify your reality.
Game changer
With the Consciousness Coaching, you gain the knowledge and tools to approach life experiences with a strong, healthy, and present connection. This is a game changer since connecting as a conscious driver of your human vehicle to all living things allows you to have the rich, in-depth experiences you were meant to encounter.
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