Emotional Continuums

What is a continuum?  A continuum is a continuous sequence in which adjacent elements are not perceptually different from each

Feeling Not Good Enough?

A person is likely to compare things in this universe but in reality, everything is neutral. It is a person

Law of Oneness

1997 Experiment A famous experiment was done in 1997. Scientists took a particle called a photon which is a little

“Make It” Mentality

In today’s world the pressure to “Make It” is immense. Chasing jobs that pay the most, homes with multiple bedrooms

Relax and Listen: Ocean

Adjust the volume to your liking and take a moment out of your day, sit back and allow the sound

Relax and listen: Waterfall

Take a minute and relax by either closing your eyes and listening or watching the video and listening. Either way

4 Stages of Aptitude

The definition of aptitude is capability, ability, innate, or acquired capacity for something; talent; readiness or quickness in learning; intelligence;

I am Soul

I am Soul A human being is a magical creation. Formulated out of nothing into a moving, thinking, energetic force