Law of Oneness

1997 Experiment A famous experiment was done in 1997. Scientists took a particle called a photon which is a little packet of light and they split it into two. They

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“Make It” Mentality

In today’s world the pressure to “Make It” is immense. Chasing jobs that pay the most, homes with multiple bedrooms and swimming pools, kids who come in 1st place and

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Relax and Listen: Ocean

Adjust the volume to your liking and take a moment out of your day, sit back and allow the sound of these ocean waves wash over you. It only takes

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Relax and listen: Waterfall

Take a minute and relax by either closing your eyes and listening or watching the video and listening. Either way you will experience a difference in the way you feel.

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4 Stages of Aptitude

The definition of aptitude is capability, ability, innate, or acquired capacity for something; talent; readiness or quickness in learning; intelligence; competence. By applying aptitude to learn, heal, grow, and evolve

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