How do we change a Belief System?

A belief system is changed by going within and using Universal Laws and intellectual gifts with conscious awareness to observe how you think and feel about the different relationships you

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Belief System and State of Being

What is a Belief? Acceptance that a statement is true, or something exists. These aren’t just  “I believe in Jesus” type beliefs. These are beliefs like “I need to work

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Emotional Continuums

What is a continuum?  A continuum is a continuous sequence in which adjacent elements are not perceptually different from each other, although the extremes are quite different. A continuum is

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Feeling Not Good Enough?

A person is likely to compare things in this universe but in reality, everything is neutral. It is a person that gives meaning to an experience they explore in life.

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Law of Oneness

1997 Experiment A famous experiment was done in 1997. Scientists took a particle called a photon which is a little packet of light and they split it into two. They

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