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Let's Start With 2 Simple Questions

How often do you go to bed telling yourself, “Tomorrow I’m going to do everything differently? I am going to stick to my diet or not let my boss/partner/kids (you get the point) get to me?” Your intentions are genuine. You’re excited and hopeful! You’re ready to begin anew.

When you wake up the following morning, you’re ready to conquer the world. Thoughts of a new life and a new you. You’re energized! You’re excited! You’re ready to go! The question is, how long is it before you’ve fallen into the familiar behaviors of yesterday and each day before?

Maybe you didn’t even wake up with those thoughts. Maybe you didn’t even go to sleep with that ambition. Maybe you have been so entrenched in the same old story for so long that you go to bed and wake up the same as you did the day before without even thinking or dreaming of change.

Change is hard and uncomfortable

If you are challenged by making long lasting change in your life, then you are in the right place at the right time. And I am Grateful you’re here because there is a way to change all this…

Most of my life I have invested my time in studying Universal Laws, Quantum Mechanics, Epigenetics, Chinese Medicine, Reiki, Vibrational Medicine, Sound Therapy, The Chakra System and on and on SO THAT YOU DON’T HAVE TO.

I created a Universal Playbook based on all that I have learned as a student and as a teacher.

But First let me tell you about an experience I had growing up that changed my perspective from things happening TO me to things happening FOR me.

Growing up in sports, I often believed that I knew more than the coaches did. I was quick, I knew all the rules, and felt like I was better than everyone else on the court or field. My mentality was very egocentric to the point that my coaches didn’t like me, my teammates didn’t like me and as I look back at it I didn’t even like myself that much.

Finally, one of my coaches had enough of my dismissive and challenging attitude. He brought me in to his office one day and said, “You are very good at sports, Todd. You have talent and understand the game well, but you don’t seem to want to improve and become even better.” With an arrogant response I said something to the effect of “Yea I know I’m good at it – it’s everyone else that is the issue on this team. Not me.”

My coach said, “Well, that is one way to look at it.” In my mind I was thinking “That is the only way to look at it!”

But he continued, “There are two types of people in this world. The first is a person who thinks life happens TO them and they don’t want to be guided, helped, or coached. That person thinks that they know it all and everyone else is the problem. The other type of person thinks life happens FOR them and they CAN be guided, helped, and coached. This person knows that no matter how great they are at what they are focusing on – be it career, sports, music, art, relationships, or finances – their responsibility is to Be-Coachable. They somehow understand that by perceiving life experiences as something happening FOR them, they’re able to receive help and guidance to make them even better than where they started.”

To Be-Coachable means that you are seeking change in your life. So, my question to you is, ARE YOU COACHABLE? Because if you are than I can help you become better then you already are at this Universal Game. You will learn to evolve into a greater version of yourself in all areas of your life.



The purpose for you, as a soul here on earth in a human body, is to have experiences that will help you learn, grow, heal, and evolve. By giving yourself permission to step into this purpose consciously your life changes. The more you continue the process of using Universal Laws with conscious awareness and conscious action the easier life will become and the faster the true experiences your soul came here to explore will be realized.

experience through a soulful lens
If you experience the same outcomes repeatedly in your life, it is because you have been viewing your experiences with the same lens over and over throughout your life. By shifting the focus from mind to soul, you will create a clear new perspective which allows you to soulfully explore your life experiences.
Soulful exploration
When you soulfully explore any experience something magical happens. The nature of your relationships transforms because you’re living from an authentic version of yourself. This allows you to appreciate all experiences as you grow to understand your purpose on this earth.
Living your best life through soulful transformation
Life has a process of rules and laws which governs your connection to it. The Universal Playbook for the Soul helps you to understand these rules and laws which allows you to create deep and lasting change in any area of your life you feel you want to explore.
Perhaps you wish to explore:
Abundance and Properity
Health and Wellness
Professional Services
Intimate Relationships
Thriving Lifestyle

Universal Playbook Tools
to Assist in your Transformation

º Applying Universal Laws for the Soul

º Guided Decompression Meditations, a 9-3-2-1 Formula

º Grounding Cord Visualization

º Subconscious Reprogramming Exercise

º Conscious Aptitude Practice

º Morning Shift / Nightly Marinating Habits

º Unlock the Continuum

º Flip the Script

º FOR > TO

Transformative personal 55-minute sessions for members

º Individual lessons on Playbook Tools
º Support to explore your experiences differently
º Guidance to create a better version of yourself and your life

Open Access To Me While Working the Playbook Via Text Messages

º Ask questions about the Playbook Tools you are implementing
º Any sudden circumstance that arises that you would like guidance with
º Accountability check-ins via texts to help you maintain repetition of the Playbook Tools


Use Universal Laws Synergistically
The Universal Playbook teaches the fundamentals to consciously use Universal Laws synergistically. Understanding and applying these laws within your life allows you to connect to the authenticity of who you truly are: A soulful being having a human experience.
PRESENT TIME Consciousness
The Universal Playbook syncs with your mind and body through an operating system called the Conscious and Subconscious Mind. By uncovering what the soul really is and how to live from it, you can explore all your experiences from present time consciousness.
Game changer
The Universal Playbook gives you the understanding and the tools to explore the experiences that you encounter in your life with a strong, healthy, present connection. This is a game changer because connecting as a soul to all life everywhere gives you the full, in-depth, rich experiences you came here to have.

This Universal Playbook for the Soul will help you explore the life you always wanted to experience - my only question for you is, “ARE YOU COACHABLE?”

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