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4 Stages of Aptitude

The definition of aptitude is capability, ability, innate, or acquired capacity for something; talent; readiness or quickness in learning; intelligence; competence. By applying aptitude to learn, heal, grow, and evolve you can understand how to fully explore your experiences differently and attract new experiences that you as a soul came here to explore.

Many people live their life unconsciously. It is easy to do because the way this universe is set up, a person does not have to understand much to live. The subconscious is so powerful that it can keep you alive without you consciously knowing a thing. 95% to 98% of our thoughts are repetitive from the day before. If a person is in this repetitive process continually, then they don’t know what they don’t know. They’re inapt in such a way that they keep doing the same things without knowing they’re doing the same things. A person can’t perceive a different reality than the one they are aligned with if they are unconsciously inapt.

If a person stays in this unconscious inapt state, they will live like this until they die. However, if an awakening happens, a person will move into the stage of conscious inaptitude. This is the stage where they realize all the things they are inapt to. They witness the thoughts, emotions, and behaviors that are running their life. They become consciously aware of these programs that are happening within them. Understanding that you are exploring your experiences with a limiting perception that keeps you from truly becoming who you are meant to be is liberating. 

The third stage is going from conscious inaptitude to conscious aptitude. This means that you’re engaging in the process of learning, healing, growing, and evolving from the limiting belief system that you have been using as your default. You’re putting in effort, persistence, patience, participation, and repetition to understand how you can explore experiences differently. As you develop a healthy belief system, not only will you explore the experiences you are having differently, but you will get clear with what new experiences you as a soul want to explore, making it easier to attract those experiences into your life. 

When you develop a healthy belief system that is securely programmed within you, this is called unconscious aptitude. You are now operating with a belief system that is signaling out into the universe what you as a soul truly want to experience. This vibrational signal becomes an automatic attractor field that manifests what you want to explore. 

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